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About Us​
Gusto Coffee Shop is a traditional hometown gathering place where everyone is welcome! We provide the finest Certified Fare Trade Organic espressos, coffees, and teas that our talented baristas handcraft and customize with great care...and a smile. All our delightful pastries are fresh-baked everyday. Our breakfast sandwiches, burritos and other food choices are available throughout the day along with a full line of delicious Gluten Free items. Also, we delight in providing this wonderful community an array of events and activities that include free music concerts and performances, open-access business networking meetings, private party bookings, and community special events. Gusto is truly a place to gather, relax, and enjoy! Welcome!


Suzanne R.

"I LOVE "GUSTO"...My favorite hands down. The coffee (the Mayan) is my favorite. The owners and baristas are so accommodating and kind and fill the place with joy. And their Gluten-Free options of breakfast and lunch and dinner options are fabulous. Best coffee house around!!!!"

Gino G.

"Great place. Food and drink are very good. Service is excellent and atmosphere is terrific."

Meagan R.

"If I was rating on the quality of the coffee and food alone, Gusto would earn 5 stars. Everything is expertly prepared, I've never settled on my favorite order because it is all so good. The car side to go service makes it easy to stop by even with a crazy schedule and a baby. They have also made any of their drinks with decaf coffee when I requested with no hassle. Overall it is a place I would recommend and will keep going back regularly!"

Andre’ya C.

"I'm here every day. This is the only place where I can come and unwind and forget about my stress. I'm not rushed to buy something and I've made great friends with the managers and staff. You can't get any more neighborly then this establishment. I will probably have a breakdown if I ever lost this place. The coffee is superb and you MUST try the sandwiches."

Diane D.

"My daughter and I started going here after our workouts at Longview Rec (we figured we needed to immediately replace all the calories we'd burned off). This place is lovely, with great baristas and delicious drinks. So much better than Starbucks, also known as "How may we burn your beans?" I highly recommend the dirty chai and the tea fogs. The baklava is also divine."

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